“Jane Looks Ahead” / A Memorable Fancy #313

     In the 1970s, when Jane Melton was in college, she became interested in futurology. At first, this kind of crystal-balling was just a hobby, but she gradually dedicated her life to the study of the future, and became an expert. She authored several popular books and numerous scholarly papers. Her Wikipedia entry, highly flattering, was actually written by someone she didn’t know.

     By the 2000’s, however, Melton had become concerned that her predictions were impossibly accurate. Now world-famous, she almost never missed, even concerning events that were not at all likely until they happened. She became suspicious, wondered “what the hell is going on?” As a test, she publicly made a prediction she was pretty sure wouldn’t come to pass. But it did. Now she knew that something must be deeply wrong. Over drinks at her home one evening, she uttered the very un-scholarly words “I smell a rat.”

     Later that night, she discovered a dead rat in her basement.

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