“An Economy of Dreams – VII” / A Memorable Fancy #312

[Neuroscientists find a way to record dreams as the dreamer experienced them.]

     Dream-snooping is considered bad form unless done by university psychology departments (as part of a government-funded scientific experiment, of course), or by the FBI. The only technical issue standing in the way of all your dreams being posted on Dreambook or Blather, or used as evidence against you, is that the dream-snoop has to be within 24 inches of your head while you’re asleep, or the dream will be too attenuated to record. This has led to widespread mistrust of wives, husbands, lovers, and administrative assistants, as dream-snooping can be quite profitable. Hookers have occasionally been recruited, but their clients now know not to fall asleep after the transaction is complete. (Older clients, of course, sometimes fall asleep before the transaction can occur at all.)

     Some people sell copies of their own debauched dreams on Amazin’, download them on Netminds, and so on. A few superstar dreamers become millionaires. These people, of course, have no privacy left, no shame. Everyone knows their dirty little fantasies, their dreams of widespread slaughter or at least a few murders, or torture fantasies that bring gasps even from the jaded. The most radical or sexy dreams are reviewed in Rolling Stone, their dreamers interviewed. Fame and fortune follow.

     Ghost-dreamers are reputed to exist for celebrities whose dreams are insufficiently titillating.

<END> … See www.terencekuch.net for a profile of the author, publications, reviews, etc. His speculative fiction novels * may be purchased in paperback or Kindle formats via his Amazon author page, www.amazon.com/author/terencekuch

Review copies are available from the author at terencekuch /a/t/ ymail.com for:

    *The Seventh Effect: a thriller from Melange Publications about a new kind of bioterrorist plot against the USA.

    *See/Saw: a literary adventure from Ink Smith Publications about implanting memories – then the North Koreans figure out how to do it.

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