“The Interview” / A Memorable Fancy #289

Over lunch, Smith explains to his friend Jones how he qualifies job applicants for his business. “Each one is asked to wait in a small windowless room with two chairs,” he begins. “They’re informed that their actions will be observed. Afterwards, they’ll be told if they’ve passed or failed but not why.

“Some applicants,” Smith continues, “believe that persistence will succeed: they sit rigidly in one of the chairs the whole time. Others think that creativity is the key and they do strange things such as piling one chair on top the other, or standing on their heads.”

“But what does all that tell you about their job potential?” Jones asks with some annoyance. “Sitting like a corpse or moving chairs around or  standing on your head and all that? Myself, I wouldn’t put up with that crap for a minute!”

“Then,” said Smith, “you’d get the job.”


 00 SeeSaw front cover small image

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