“The Forgettery” / Memorable Fancies #208

Today I visited the Forgettery and paid them so that I would forget about – a woman, I think – what was her name? I remember that it was a big effort to forget about her and it took the specialists more than a day or two, but it must have been worth it, right? Or I wouldn’t have done it, wouldn’t have paid the Forgettery so much.

But now I’m free of her. If we were to meet at a party, now, I wouldn’t recognize her. But I might be attracted to her again – might go through the same – whatever it was; I don’t remember. Could I trust her to pretend that we hadn’t been – something – married, perhaps?

How can I not dread meeting any woman again, thinking it might be the same one?

Or has she been to the Forgettery too, and we could just start over, not remembering whatever happened before, doomed to repeat the same old awful thing?

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