A Memorable Fancy #004b: The Sundial and Its Shadow

I was enjoying a drink on the terrace when I heard a faint noise from my left. I turned, and saw that a small sundial had just been overtaken by the shadow of a tree, as the sun continued its uneasy westward course.

“Ah,” it said, “again it has happened. There will be no more time, now, until later. How much later I cannot say, but for now there is no more time. If someone would move me away from this infernal tree I could tell the time a longer time each day. VII? VIII? Who knows?

“The night – the night terrifies me.”

I turned back to my drink, wearied with its little mind, its one complaint.

<END> … Copyright 2012 by Terence Kuch. Reprint OK if http://www.terencekuch.com is credited.


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