“Performance Review” / A Memorable Fancy #187

R. Gerald Hardesty, the VP, is berating Wilbur for his poor performance supervising a contract. He goes on and on. His face turns red. Wilbur’s mind drifts off into a fantasy of how great the world would be without R. Gerald Hardesty. Suddenly, Wilbur’s thoughts are interrupted as Hardesty falls over and dies twitching on the floor, an apparent heart attack.

As the sirens come and go, Wilbur has a sudden thought – did he actually kill his boss? He had been thinking about Hardesty dead, and voila! he died.

“I can kill!” he says out loud, and then looks around but no one has heard him. Wilbur leaves the office with wonder and renewed hope for his life. Now to make sure, he thinks – to experiment, to get really good at killing, with his mind or in some other way, so no one would speak of his “poor performance”’ ever again ….



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