“The Judas Chronicles – I” / A Memorable Fancy #170

     He called the Twelve to their professions: apostles, teachers; and to some he gave new names: “Petrus” (stone) or “Boanerges” (thunder); for the glory of natural Force was in them. And some he gave names from the ancient wisdom, as “Didymus” (twin), for the mystery of Heaven was in them.

     But to one he gave the name “Iscariot”: knife-man.

# # #

     There were persistent rumors of Judas, Accountant Gone Bad, the grist of myth for sure. This man was found to count the cash received, to feed the Twelve, to organize the giving to the poor.

     Jesus found him in a counting-house, at a desk in the back. He was known within the firm as clever, to have a head for numbers. He could make a debit disappear quicker than you could flip “heads,” they said, and it would appear again in another account, or spread so thin to the right of the point it could hide forever.

     He brought in the fees, they all said of young Judas, but some thought he would never make partner: he gave them an uneasy sense, and their skin grew cold at his glance.

     Jesus approached his desk.

     “May I help you?”

     “Follow me.”

     “Do you wish to engage me to examine your books?”

     “Follow me.”

     Judas knew from his look that there were no books, nor would there ever be.

<END> … Copyright 2012 by Terence Kuch. Reprint OK if this blog is credited.

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