“The Signs” / A Memorable Fancy #163

     The government has given you a medal. This is a sign they give, perhaps of appreciation for long service, or sacrifice in the bureaucratic wars. The obverse portrays the national avatar, an eagle with a pleading man in its claws. Your own face is shown on the reverse, cleverly rendered by the official sculptor. Its eyes are closed, mouth in full rictus. There will be a brief party for you at 5 p.m. Already the workmen are at your office door, changing the locks. The cardboard box appears.

     These are the signs they give.






  1. In tens, please (ten pound notes) venlafaxine 150 There have now been 46 sessions this year where intradayswings exceeded 2.5 percent, most of them occurring after May23, compared with a mere four in 2012. The S&P 500 onlyhas had 2 such trading days this year, while the Euro STOXX 50 has had 15.

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