“Thursday” / A Memorable Fancy #158

There is an alien inside me. It’s been there many years but has not, as yet, harmed me. I feel it moving after I’ve eaten. In bed, I look down and see my belly rising and falling regularly – my alien is asleep. There is some involuntary out-gassing – my alien must not have enjoyed my dinner. I found a few foods it can tolerate without upset, and I eat only those. Even though I detest these foods, my alien seems to like them.

I have begun seeing a psychiatrist. She tells me that my alien is in my head. The thought had never occurred to me, that my alien wasn’t just in my belly, it was in my head too. I should have known that, should have detected the alien-ness of my mind, my slithery and vicious thoughts, my wish to kill all the homo sapiens responsible for keeping me trapped inside this stupid incompetent human body. I am going to show my shrink that she’s right.

My next appointment is Thursday.


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