“The Sun Doesn’t Rise One Day – II” / A Memorable Fancy #157

The sun doesn’t come up one day. Susan waits, finally decides it isn’t going to. Should she dress and go to work? Well, she has to, doesn’t she? The Customer Delight Center could get along without her, but she has rent to pay. On the way to the bus stop, she sees other people up and about. She stops a woman on the street, asks about the sun. Other-she says, “Yes, I noticed that too,” and hurries away. A man says, “Yes, and I’m a little worried you know, my garden – it won’t do well without sunlight. And I’m scheduled for vacation next month and we were going to do Tobago. But now if this continues…” He sighs, shrugs, turns away.

Susan works her regular shift, comes home, turns on the TV news. After this war, and that war, and and trouble in Congress and raids and riots and failed states, it’s time for the weather segment. After the usual inane chit-chat among the personalities, there’s a report about the sun’s not having come up that day. The situation is widespread, but the government says it’s just a glitch, and the sun should be back tomorrow morning right on schedule.

There is some concern that the world is not quite what we thought it was.


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