“Year Zero” / A Memorable Fancy #147

From unremembered ages ago, we have counted our years in decreasing numbers. No one knows what the first year-number was, or why that number was chosen. Legend has it that long ago, sometime in the Hyeh-Hyah dynasty, an emperor’s blind son devised our calendar. No one believes this legend, but somehow the work was done: that year was given a number. We have been counting our years downwards ever since.

I am writing this on December 31 of the year one. Tomorrow, it will be year zero. There has been panic, prayer, petitioning of governments, unabashed sex. Others cleanse themselves and will not touch another’s flesh.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring – but hasn’t that been true every day, forever?

[“If we could know that there were merely one or two hundred years to go, that would make things more interesting.” – Jean Baudrillard]



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