“Psychiatrists for the Dead” / A Memorable Fancy #140

This country needs a program to cover the cost of psychiatrists for the dead. Mentally traumatized by what may have been a violent death, or suffocating in a hospital bed when the call button is pushed and pushed and pushed and no one comes – there are significant traumas here. It is unfair that mental health needs are assumed to end at death. After all, the dead have to cope with a new world where there is no breathing, no light, no friends, no loved ones, nothing but a lost hope of angels.

They need not only our memorials, but assistance in adjusting to their new situation. They need to come to terms with rotting, for instance. Only highly trained and highly paid professionals can provide the necessary expertise and sensitivity to provide such services.

Tomorrow, I will propose a bill in the Senate that would …

[– after Henri Michaux]


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