“75 Mirrors” / A Memorable Fancy #248

Billy’s favorite part of Five Flags was the fun house – “fun” as in confusing, disturbing, terrifying. Fun for a ten-year old, that is.

And in the fun house, his absolute ultimate favorite thing was the Room of 75 Mirrors, and see himself himself himself himself from every angle, even from the ceiling and the floor. Disoriented and dizzy, he turned from side to side, almost fell down. But it was fun. He giggled and breathed a little too hard.

After a while it was time to go. Yes, it did occur to him that he might not be able to find his way out, might be stuck in the Room of 75 Mirrors forever, might become one of them. With relief he located the door, but just then he saw – one of the mirrors wasn’t the same image. It was of a deformed creature, something like Billy but ancient, stooped, wizened, with an expression that blended evil with cunning and desperation and pain.

Until he took a closer look, Billy thought that the image might be of someone else.

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