“The Clanking Dead” / A Memorable Fancy #136

Here they come, the zombie robots, CPU’s hacked, operating systems corrupted. We thought at first they’d just attack other machines, not us; but it didn’t turn out that way. Oh, they liked to chew on machines, all right, especially car fenders. But one of them destroyed an F-150 out in California, and then found people trapped inside and killed them, too. The virus spread to other machines, and now we hide if we can.

It’s tough to kill a zombie robot. Most of them are armored now, so it’s difficult to get a head shot. Once in a while we manage it, but the noise just attracts others. The only sure and quiet way is to sneak up behind them, reach around and press CTL ALT DEL on their touch-pads.

Their face-screen turns blue and then they’re dead, for sure.


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