“Question – III” / A Memorable Fancy #135

The god dimly remembered the place it was banished from: dark seas, blue hills crowned with temples. Why had they created him – just to send him away? Something must have gone wrong; he could see it in the way they’d looked at him. But we all had our bad days, didn’t we? Once in a while a prayed-for miracle didn’t happen. Once in a while crops failed and people died. Once in a while a stronger tribe took their women and killed their babies.

Or perhaps it was the sacrifices – had the god been too greedy? He had never taken more than a few tribesman each day. He had always left enough breeding stock for later meals. Anyway, it was a small tribe and taking all the god wanted would have ended with no tribe at all. This showed forbearance, did it not? And now what did he get for it? Exile here in a distant place, in a parade with idols, treated as just another idol, those rotting tree-trunks and figures made of straw. That could not be permitted.

But first, he looked at the crowds lining the stone-clad road. What a wonderful new place! The god had never imagined such a country. So many people! So much food!

He had spared many of his old tribe so they could breed. But there was no need of forbearance now. He could devour them all day long and never run out of food. He contemplated that fact, emitted a kind of purr.

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