“The Memory-Transplant Lab” / A Memorable Fancy #121

As the memlab attendant disconnected the probes from Morgan and Alex, he recalled the first and only time he’d received his own memplant, as required in the final semester of Memlab School. Each student had been assigned to select a memory and memplant it into another student.

Most picked inconsequential mems they wouldn’t mind losing. His lab partner Don, however, picked a mem he definitely wanted to forget: Don’s father coming home drunk, smashing in a window after his mother had locked the front door, crawling through the opening, cutting himself on jagged pieces of glass, bleeding on the carpet, blaming Don and his mother, calling Don a whoreson bastard and his mother a faithless bitch, reaching out, hitting and biting and hurling both of them to the floor time after time until his mother confessed.

That was the memlab attendant’s reference point; one more reason to hate his job.




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