“The Selektion and Its Rules” / Memorable Fancies #117

Every day, a troop of occupiers comes to our village. They have a list and call out a name. When that person steps forward, the troop dismembers him in front of us. If the selected person does not appear, then the troop kills someone else, and someone else, until the man or woman they want appears. Then they have their way with him and leave.

We speak privately of revolt; but we are too weak, too few, too weaponless to resist. We wonder privately how the occupiers choose each day’s victim. At random? But the selection seems organized, methodical. Sometimes there are several lists and the leaders gather and seem to be arguing, before a name is called out and the knives are drawn.

There must be a rule for the selection, a rule we should be able to figure out. A way to know who is next – and a way to be last. But we know that if one of us discovers the rule he will not tell anyone; not everyone can be last.

Suspicions grow among us. We glance over our shoulders. As our number grows smaller, each of us comes to believe that others know the rule, game it to buy another day of life. Distrust and hatred grow.

Our own killings begin.


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