“The Story – II” / A Memorable Fancy #086

Hal Archer got himself thrown out of Marie’s Café 3 o’clock last Thursday. Now Hal was normally a peaceable sort, so I couldn’t think what could have gotten into him. I wasn’t even there at Marie’s, but I heard that Hal had insisted on telling some tall tale he’d apparently made up. Now, I would have sat still for that from Hal, but the fellow he picked on was a big ole’ logger from up in the hills, with a gut a man could be proud of. He was concentrating on a beer and had no patience for Hal. So it ended up that Hal was holding the logger by his suspenders and shouting some crazy story at him, when the logger hit him, hard. Marie saw the whole thing so she didn’t blame the logger, much. She would have asked Hal to leave, if he hadn’t been unconscious.

The next day the logger was back, went up to Marie at the counter. “I gotta tell you this!” he said, with deranged hair and wild eyes.

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