“The Brotherhood” / A Memorable Fancy #044

Like many fringe groups, the Brotherhood taught that only 144,000 people could be saved. Given this limit, they observed various practices pleasing to God, in order to place their members in Heaven.

The Brotherhood, however, taught that, given the billions of people who had lived and died since Adam, heaven had surely received its 144,000th worthy many centuries before: No Vacancy. Therefore, a Brother’s only hope of heaven was to persuade God to expel one of the previously saved.

When this was accomplished (through rumor, slander, prayer, saintly interventions, etc.) the Brother’s soul ascended to heaven – and the soul it displaced fell to earth and assumed the Brother’s dead body.

On earth, the newly descended soul assumed the form of – a zombie.

“When heaven is full, the dead will walk the earth.”

[See Revelation 7:1-9, 14:1-5, and 12:13-14]


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