“Judas Presents a Charity Plan” / A Memorable Fancy #035

Judas had drafted a statement of policy for determining who would be supported by the group’s charities.

“First of all, of course, we must distinguish the deserving poor from those who could work at something, if suitably washed and got up in clean clothes, and energized, and motivated.

“And second, we must ask that women seeking relief diminish the number of their children, or at least undertake to produce no more.

“Third, we do ask that all applicants for assistance be fresh and eager in attitude and positive in tone, regardless of their previous condition.

“And last, we can of course only support the poor at the level at which we ourselves receive discretionary revenue; and so a budget, reflecting a responsible proportion of giving to receiving, will be proposed for your consideration.”

Judas finished reading, and looked around the table at the other members of the Board. For once, Jesus had absolutely nothing to say. Judas took this as a sign of approval.


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