“See the World with Us!” / Memorable Fancies #2033

[Selected ‘Rules’ from a travel firm’s brochure, plus a few impolite comments:] “Rule #1: How you see the world matters.” – But how the world sees you matters a hell of a lot more. “Rule #2: “Be true to your roots.” – Now, I’m just rooting for us to get out of here. “Rule #5: “Life belongs to the curious.” – I’ve met a lot of curious people in my life. I’ve forgotten their names. “Rule #8: Take the sea less traveled.” – I took the sea less traveled, and found, to my misfortune, just why it … [Read more...]

“Guilty Decisions – 2” / Memorable Fancies #2032

[“...the seriousness of decisions, which make one guilty either way.” – Heidegger] The problem isn’t that you’ve made the wrong decision, but that decision-making is itself an indication of deep human guilt, a need for a finality that never, at last, is final enough. Make a plan, what to do, where to stay and when. Who’s got HBO, heated pool, CNN? Count the hours, see the sights – But next time … Sleep where night finds you, trusting in gods you wish there were. Flip a coin, still end … [Read more...]

“Memorable Spoilers from Books and Film” / Memorable Fancies #2031

The marlin dies He reforms, and now likes children and poor people and acts like a silly twit He finally gets home after the war, but his wife’s been seeing other men After six crises, he is elevated to high office She has an orgasm Unbeknownst to him, his enemy is actually his father Zombies contort their way around the Eiffel Tower Finally, he finds her in a rundown house in the sticks, but she’s older and it’s not the same By claiming he was just on a guided tour, he escapes from the … [Read more...]

“Our Evil Twin” / Memorable Fancies #2030

[“... indistinguishable from human, the simulacra function as our evil twin.” – Victoria Nelson] If they’re truly indistinguishable, then we must be evil, too. … [Read more...]

“Buying the Farm” / Memorable Fancies #2029

We dig into the earth – at first a new inches, with hands and hoes, and then deeper, with our machines. The earth gods are unhappy. They stir. They meet and plan – what to do about this latest, most worrisome intrusion of those nuisance creatures – the ones so irresponsibly created by the sky gods.   … [Read more...]

“Friend, Me!” / Memorable Fancies #2028

[“Since antiquity, philosophers have asked if an individual could be his own friend or have with himself a relation of friendship.” – Vincent Descombes] But now, Friends, with Facebook,... … [Read more...]

“Jigsaw” / Memorable Fancies #2027

After the plane crash: identifying the bodies, reassembling the jigsaw-like parts begins. A heart is found, then a liver, other organs and various small pieces. A scientist collects unidentifiable body parts from disasters around the world – parts that couldn’t be fitted to any body. He builds something... … [Read more...]