“Details” / Memorable Fancies #2308

[“our faces closed up / getting all exact,” – Cecil Giscombe] There you go again, getting all exact, demanding dates, times, places, what I did, what I thought, what I intended … who I was with … … [Read more...]

“Happy Birthday to You!” / Memorable Fancies #2307

[“Tonight, awakened / by the sound of my name / strung between the trees,” – Michael McGriff] Each letter of my name side by side on a cord, like a birthday party – or a hanging, my body spread-eagled on ropes between two trees, – and singing some inane birthday song. … [Read more...]

“Recreational Drama” / Memorable Fancies #2306

[“... actors recreating the postures, sounds, and ensuing mayhem ...” – Pil and Galia Kollectiv] Recreating the fatal end of the play where the curtain catches fire – “How realistic do you want this to be?” “Completely.” “Then no one must know what will happen to them. It wouldn’t be a re-enactment if the audience knew they were re-enacting.” “Then what do we do?” “The audience must once again be surprised. They must once again burn.”      >> below: a one-act play available from the … [Read more...]

“Conundrum” / Memorable Fancies #2305

Don’t you see? she said, and I said What I see is up to me.   Don’t you hear? she said, and I saw her mouth move, but heard nothing … [Read more...]

“Suffering” / Memorable Fancies #2304

[“It is enough to suffer first to gain an advantage. Even in the exchange of suffering, what counts is having the initiative.” – Jean Baudrillard] Finally, she calls me on it, on my suffering, I mean. “What are you suffering for?” she asks. I look at her dumbfounded, hurt by her question. … [Read more...]

“The Un-Carbon” / Memorable Fancies #2303

Carbon removal technology accidentally removes all the carbon from our bodies. The government apologizes, but notes that it did eliminate quite a lot of pollution – and those who were causing it. >> below: a one-act political play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“Strategic Yawning” / Memorable Fancies #2302

A yawn can mean many things, under cover of “just tired”: bored, sleepy, distracted, –  or just tired of – you. … [Read more...]