“A Feat of Arms” / Memorable Fancies #2115

[“On Earth many foreheads without necks sprang forth, and arms wandered unattached, bereft of shoulders.” – Empedocles of Acragas (490-430 BC/BCE)] Futilely, each arm looked for its mate. At last, the left arms decided that any right arm would do, and a similar thought occurred to the feet. … [Read more...]

“The Soul of a New Machine” / Memorable Fancies #2114

[“The soul paints itself in our machines.” – Joseph Joubert] They have spoken in our own soft voices, no longer the grating consonants of machines. And now they appear in our image, no longer the flat dimensions of display. We feel ourselves painted-out, perhaps no longer needed. … [Read more...]

“My Real Job” / Memorable Fancies #2113

[“Those who sleep are workers, and share the labor of the universe.” – Heracleitus of Ephesus] You wake up, exhausted after a night of preserving the universe. Groggily, you drive to the office, careful not to tell your boss about your real job.                                                   >> below: new on Amazon << … [Read more...]

“Glory” / Memorable Fancies #2112

[“This stone in my hand, it demands glory!” – Joseph Joubert] That was the cry of our ancestors; but now we have – other weapons. <<below: a new play from stageplays.com especially for the 2018 elections :: be sure to register and vote!>> … [Read more...]

“Our Meeting” / Memorable Fancies #2111

[“Given the low likelihood of a meeting in this life, the only hope is for a meeting in a previous life.” ­– Jean Baudrillard] And I did meet you in a previous life, but back then of course I didn’t know that I would desperately want to see you again, how much you would mean to me if we were to meet now.... I said a few pleasantries and walked away. Not then knowing. What I had done. To keep us from meeting now. >> below: a one-act play now available for free download at stageplays.com … [Read more...]

“Machine Karma” / Memorable Fancies #2110

[“To assert that an immortal machine is a chimera or a logical fiction, is to reason absurdly.” – La Mettrie] Machines have afterlives. When they’ve been wrecked, or junked, or lost in a fire – their metal souls live again: as a more important kind of machine if they’ve been good, perhaps an F-35 if they’ve been very very good, or a garbage disposal, for instance – if they’ve been bad. I’ve been trying to convince my car that it shouldn’t need servicing so often. I’ve threatened,... >> … [Read more...]

“Drunkards and Infamous Women” / Memorable Fancies #2109

[An excerpt from Social Abominations, or, The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] “To managers and to leading performers belong the direct task of reforming the profession. ... They ... might agree among themselves to banish demoralizing plays from the “boards,” and to exclude from their companies disreputable females and dissipated and dishonorable men. They might also forbid the sale or use of intoxicants on their premises and refuse to admit infamous women to the auditorium, and equally … [Read more...]