“Wittgenstein’s Names” / Memorable Fancies #2277

[“Could one then do without names? Surely not.” – Wittgenstein] Because “name” is what we call what people are called. “Name” is the name of their names. You see a name; “Ludwig,” for instance. What is it? It is a name. “Ludwig” is the name of the name Ludwig. The flesh and blood Ludwig has only a derivative, third-logical-level claim to Ludwig-ness, a losing score in the language games of life. [“Könnte man also ohne Namen auskommen? Doch wohl nicht.” - Notebooks 1914-1916] … [Read more...]

“The Mirror-People” / Memorable Fancies #2276

[“Beings even more primitive than savages will come from the other side of the mirror, ...” – Jean Baudrillard] We no longer use the word “savages,” so our visitors will not be insulted, will not call us “insensitive.” Perhaps, at most, we venture to say “persons who are savage.” But what if we are the mirror-people? What would we then be called? And by whom? … [Read more...]

“Alternative Histories – I” / Memorable Fancies #2275

In 1649, a court was asked to rule on whether a slave who had acquired some wealth, by one means or another, could own his own slaves. The judges’ affirmative ruling set into motion the events that so trouble us today, the labyrinth of human ownerships that…   … [Read more...]

“The Memory Machine” / Memorable Fancies #2274

The memory machine helps you remember – all those things you’re required to remember. There are other machines, though, that help you forget – forget what the first kind of machine has so annoyingly made you remember. >> below: a one-act political play available from the publisher, stageplays.com <<   … [Read more...]

“GOTCHA!, or, This Is Why You Can’t Ever Win” / Memorable Fancies #2273

“For the most part, human beings live in despair, and they do not even know that they are in despair. In fact, this not knowing that one is in despair is a symptom of despair.” – Judith Butler … [Read more...]

“A Wristery Novel” / Memorable Fancies #2272

The hand without a body – found on a beach perhaps, tempting the famous detective to hunt for its owner, to find the hypothesized killer – a trope common to other body parts as well: a head? There, in the water. An arm? Certainly. A foot? There you go again. But never only a wrist. What is the problem with wrists? How many wrists have been overlooked, considered uninteresting. Is there even a medical specialty devoted to disorders of the wrist? For tennis pros, perhaps, but not for the rest of … [Read more...]

“Reality and Its Hazards” / Memorable Fancies #2271

[Here are some entries from the Index of the classic text The Social Construction of Reality, by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann (1966):] Anger - Anomic terror - Art of mistrust - Bad faith - Brainwashing - Chaos - Culture shock - Demonic possession - Deviance - Disorientation - Entfremdung - Exorcisms - False consciousness - Fetishes, fetishism - Incest - Isolation - Madness, madmen - Mental deficiency - Neurosis - Nightmare - Psychopathy - Revolution - Secret societies - Snarling … [Read more...]