“The Collision” / Memorable Fancies #2592

[“The simultaneous presence of all that has ever been created, medieval theology taught, is Hell.” – Martin Burckhardt & Dirk Höfer] All time has been collapsed into a single, enduring pin-prick of a moment where nothing ever changes, because it’s all there, already, all its possibilities. What used to be past or future is none of these things; now is all. Time is no longer spread out like an oil slick around a collision. Time is the collision. >> below: Available on Amazon << … [Read more...]

“The Death Club” / Memorable Fancies #2591

Remember the time when that driver ... but you made it through the crash, recovered. And the time your Army buddy hadn’t completely unloaded his weapon and it went off and a bullet whizzed by your head and he caught holy hell from Sarge? And the disease that killed one of your college friends’ cousins? And ... And all those other times, too, when you had a close call and sometimes didn’t even realize it. But you did die then, all those times. A force, perhaps Fate, or God, patiently rewound … [Read more...]

“Communion” / Memorable Fancies #2590

[“Had we remained together / we could have become a silence.” – Yehuda Amichai] I thought we had such a deep connection that nothing need be said, because you were already having the same feelings as I, the same thoughts, a true communion. But I had only the cup, while you had the wine. >> click Random Post on our Word Press page  – re-astonish yourself << … [Read more...]

“Cats and Their Secrets” / Memorable Fancies #2589

Two cats are arguing over whether to teach people Cattish or not. “They’ll finally understand everything we want!” Fluffy says, purring happily at the thought. “But then they’ll realize we understand them,” Muffy says. “That blank stare we do so well won’t work for us anymore. No, let’s not teach them anything. They already know how to open cans and pour milk into bowls and pet us. “That’s really all that counts.” >> “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing … [Read more...]

“Dream-Crimes” / Memorable Fancies #2588

Can you be prosecuted for a dream-crime? Or praised for a dreamed act of heroism? Only if our waking lives have become so constrained, so determined, that we can neither sin nor be heroes here. Night is all that’s left. “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind << >>below: novel praised by Kirkus Reviews - available on Amazon<, … [Read more...]

“Party Time” / Memorable Fancis #2587

[“it has acquired accretions of terricious matter whilst loitering in the past.” – Finnegan’s Wake] Trolling the past is the latest thing; millions are ‘hooked’ on the hobby. Usually we find nothing but old bones or books, quite worthless. But once in a while we bring up something still alive, something confused and terrified. We have parties where this is done, where these curiosities are shown off, briefly. >> below: published 2018 by Loyola University Press / Apprentice House imprint … [Read more...]

“Put to Sleep” / Memorable Fancies #2586

[“Thank God there was no war tonight.” – Marilyn Chin] And the next night there was also no war, though alarms and rumors spread. And the night after that I dared not sleep. As if that would help.     … [Read more...]