“Ghosts” / Memorable Fancies #1938

Ghosts find an old house and decide to inhabit it – but other ghosts are already there. They meet. They struggle. The losers stick around - to haunt the winners. … [Read more...]

“A New Wrinkle on Marriage” / Memorable Fancies #1937

[“Several of our eminent lawyers, to their cost, married their laundresses.” – Hazlitt (1905)] ... who immediately stopped washing their new husbands’ shirts.   … [Read more...]

“The Seed” / Memorable Fancies #1936

[“We were hunters and wanderers for millennia before we dug into the earth as farmers and saw our buried fathers there ... where we had interred them.” – Pascal Quignard] We are the crops from their seed.     … [Read more...]

“The H&H B&B” / Memorable Fancies #1935

Welcome to Paradise! We know you’ll like it here in the clouds – in fact don’t worry; there’s no alternative to bliss, not here. But a word of advice: don’t look over the edge. You might catch a glimpse of people who’ve gone to – that other place. Once in a while we pray for them. … [Read more...]

“My Other Now – II” / Memorable Fancies #1934

There is a ‘what if’ time track – the other now – that continues on, at times irrupting into our world, colliding with the world we thought the only one. And did my own ‘real’ (let’s call it) – my ‘real’ life irrupt into her other life – the one that didn’t happen? And does the same thought occur to her that we might have been – what? … [Read more...]

“The Cloud – I” / Memorable Fancies #1933

The cloud is our memory. If we forget, the cloud remembers. If we don’t remember what we asked the cloud to remember, it tells us – something – there’s no way to check. If we try remembering something ourselves, we are reminded that we are only human. If we try to remember a time when we didn't need the cloud,... > [click Random Post on our Word Press page  – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“The Ethicist” / Memorable Fancies #1932

We started by cloning single cells, here at DupeMe, Inc., then goldfish, then people. All very ethical, of course; our own ethicist told us so; we made a point of asking him. But there was a problem with our business model: We had to wait for people to want (and be able to pay for!) our services. Whether or not we had orders in a given week, our infrastructure costs continued. But then we developed a new approach to level the workload: we cloned blanks from suitable generic people: a typical … [Read more...]