“How, Now?” / Memorable Fancies #2247

[“There is a tone, a gesture, that goes with tales of past time.” – Wittgenstein] We rely on this tone, this gesture, to reassure us. That’s how we know it’s the past. That it isn’t right now. That it isn’t the future. Otherwise, we could still be in the past without knowing it is the past, thinking we were in the present, right now … or the future. … [Read more...]

“Sunsets” / Memorable Fancies #2246

[Tourists wait for sunset at Ayers Rock, but being cloudy there is no sunset that day. “All the same, everyone carries on staring at the rock and filming it.” – Jean Baudrillard] Back home, everyone remembers sunsets. … [Read more...]

“Fun” / Memorable Fancies #2245

[“It was fun, trying to figure out / who you were, what it was that led you to us.” – John Ashbery] …but by the time we’d figured it out, it wasn’t fun anymore. … [Read more...]

“The Thief of Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #2243

[“The dream-thieving machine” – John Hodgman] I steal dreams. I drive around at night, capturing mental vibrations from dreams of people as they sleep, storing these away. Come daylight, I eagerly pore through these dreams. Most are very ordinary; I’ve seen them a thousand times. Some are sick and I worry about the sanity of these dreamers, but as long as I capture their dreams from them, I’m preventing at least some of their unhappiness. I guess. A few dreams can be worked up into video … [Read more...]

“The Occupation” / Memorable Fancies #2242

[“Even important people ask me, ‘Are you sure this is me? You don’t notice anything – anything different?’” – Henri Michaux] And here I must confess that I looked into these important peoples’ eyes with the utmost sincerity, and asked, – “Different from what?” … [Read more...]

“The Groper” / Memorable Fancies #2241

Questioned by police, Bill claimed that he didn’t grope people, or rub up against them, out of lust or wanting to humiliate them, but to make a connection, any connection, with the human form ... some response, not mechanical as a machine might, but in a human way, even if that response were rejection, alarm, violence, arrest. Once, he said, someone responded to his groping with a smile. Bill turned and ran.   … [Read more...]

“le Courant vaste et désolant.” / Memorable Fancies #2240

 [“The great Current, the vast and desolate Current moving underneath.” – Henri Michaux] There is a great current in the earth beneath us, moving stone and dirt like some dry Gulf Stream. We feel it. It moves us. Sometimes it shakes the walls of our hovels. The next day we shore them up with timbers stolen from hovels that did not survive. Owned by those who did not survive… … [Read more...]