“The Boats of Heaven” / Memorable Fancies #2787

[“the glass-bottom boats of heaven” – Billy Collins] ...where we look down on the living who are feeding on fronds, wandering among the reefs, making aimless contact with one another ... trying to learn to swim ... then swimming in the increasing heat ... then not swimming ... anymore. >> below: back cover from my novel See/Saw - available from Amazon << … [Read more...]

peeing for god and country

Long ago, being drafted into the U.S. Army included (and probably still does) the ten-minute session called “you troops go into the latrine there and pee in one of them bottles and put your service number on it with the pencil you will find alongside each  bottle and then place the bottles in the designated receptacle leaving the pencil where you found it.” We, being new to the service, had not yet been trained to pee on command, or by the numbers, and so several of us asked, please and kindly, … [Read more...]

“A Mind Full of Eyes” / Memorable Fancies #2786

[“My mind is full of eyes” – John Ashbery] They’re looking around, those eyes, peering suspiciously. I say to all of you present here who are accusing me, those must not be my eyes; my eyes trust you.  >> See “books Terence Kuch” on Google or Amazon for more writing from a naturally curly mind. << … [Read more...]

Prisoner’s Dilemma :: A Variation

from Alain Badiou, Lacan Anti-philosophy 3, page 244: "Lacan presents it [i.e., the prisoner’s dilemma] as a ‘logical problem,’ in which a prison warden summons three prisoners and asks them to undergo a test, which will result in one of them being set free. The warden has five disks, three white and two black; he attaches one disk to the back of each prisoner, so that each can see what color disk the others have but not his own. The first prisoner who correctly deduces the color of his disk … [Read more...]

“Consciousness” / Memorable Fancies #2784

[“Intelligence is mandatory, but consciousness is optional.” – Yuval Noah Harari] Consciousness is a great bother that just gets in the way, by constantly saying “mine!”, “me!”, and interfering with the cool objectivity of my thought.  >> See “books Terence Kuch” on Google or Amazon for more writing from a naturally curly mind. << … [Read more...]

“Split Person / alities” / Memorable Fancies #2802

[“ ‘Diversity,’ which has come to mean ‘strictly regulated proportions’ rather than unpredictable variety.” – Steven Connor] The end has now come: an individual human being can be “diverse.” How can that be? I’m of two minds about it.  >> below: a political play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“The Vanished Stars” / Memorable Fancies #2783

[“...the ceremony of the Horoscope by vanished stars.” – Henri Michaux] One by one, the stars disappear from our sight, more each night. Our ceremony, once so full of promise, is now perfunctory; brief and mumbled. One by one we leave this place, just as the stars are leaving us.  >> below: a play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]