Verizon dissolves all your problems

The Verizon web site help page asked me what I wanted. I typed in "equipment problem" and received the response "Your search for "equipment problem" has been adjusted to "equipment working"     … [Read more...]

“The Soothsayer” / Memorable Fancies #2385

I can’t make mirrors show me my image. I’ve bought several, but none of them have done so, in spite of repeated threats. I went to a soothsayer, those women paid to say something that often turns out to be anything but soothing. I told her that I was afraid I was becoming a vampire; but she said no, you’re not a vampire, just a nonentity. But be grateful, she concluded, taking my silver coins; you’ll never have to look at yourself, your own self. Many will envy you. … [Read more...]

“Wrong” / Memorable Fancies #2384

[“The madman is not always wrong about everything.” – Michel Foucault] Always wrong about everything, sometimes wrong about everything, sometimes wrong about some things, sometimes right about some things, sometimes right about everything. Always right about everything. Yes. Yes. … [Read more...]

“The Mirror-Maker III” / Memorable Fancies #2383

The mirror-maker has placed a different mirror in each room of his home. Originally, he made them to show his ideal self: taller, more assured, less hair-loss, etc. Failure to succeed in this resulted in smashing. But now .... Some of the mirrors show nothing. Others show the inventor the self he’d always secretly wanted to be – but now it was too late. The smashing continues.   … [Read more...]

“I’m good and mad!” / Memorable Fancies #2382

[“Madness as a defense against terror.” – Susan Sontag]        No, it’s the other way ’round; that’s why I watch zombie movies. … [Read more...]

“The Inspection” / Memorable Fancies #2381

Dreaming is idleness here; your orders are to sleep, hurry up and sleep, no time to dream. You must be up soon to mind the Process until it shines, ready for an inspection that could come at any time, inspection by commanders who could arrive at any time to inspect the Process, our Process, we ever-dreamless – machines – … [Read more...]

“The Real Me” / Memorable Fancies #2380

My body? That’s just a shell I use for living, a meaty machine, not The Real Me. I could abandon it at any time, go in search of The Real Me. ... Just watch.   … [Read more...]