“Incarnation con Carne” / Memorable Fancies #1789

[“I’ll probably go to my death on a conveyor belt.” – Susan Sontag] ...as in Soylent Green. But it’s not really death if you come back as hube jerky or buddyburger or some other ingestible, – is it? – is it? … [Read more...]

“Sinking” / Memorable Fancies #1788

[“The bed was like a raft; I felt us drifting” – Louise Glück] We waved desperately at passing ships, but their crews just stood at the rail, watching us go by, remarking to each other our unseaworthiness, our leaking craft. … [Read more...]

“Rejection Slip” / Memorable Fancies #1787

[“prayers / returned to sinners” – Thomas Sayers Ellis] Our prayers are rejected with the Editor’s note “We are always open for submissions – please try us again (if you have a PayPal account!) And follow us on Twitter and Facebook.” … [Read more...]

“Just a Metaphor” / Memorable Fancies #1786

There! the last line of my new adventure novel: “And the buried treasure was never found,” a metaphor for the self I’d never quite believed in. But then in a dream a map appeared to me, lines and colors and a big red “X” and a drawing of an urn, and inside it, heaps of precious stones. And so I went to the place the map showed me. I dug into loam and then the deeper clay. At last I found the urn-buried gems and took them to a jeweler. He looked them over, then at me. “A jar of worthless … [Read more...]

“The Fate System” / Memorable Fancies #1785

[“Why should not the initial and terminal states of a system be connected by a natural law, which does not cover the intermediary state?” – Wittgenstein] Fate as classically described is an example of this. Whatever you do, whatever happens in the meantime, however much you squirm or run, the dreaded event will come upon you. When you complain, the gods shrug and mutter something about “natural law,” and how that glibly explains everything and so please just shut up. … [Read more...]

Zombies in the White House?

[referring to the Nixon administration:] "All the president's men are mostly dead." - Washington Post, 16 March 2017, page C1. The writer of this beautiful line is Juliet Eilperin. [see www.terencekuch.com for a strange new post every day]       … [Read more...]

“What I Deserved” / Memorable Fancies #1784

[“What a disaster if a woman loved you because you deserved it!” – Sergio Agamben] Yes, I did deserve it ­– that time, anyway – and it was a disaster, all right. But I learned my lesson: next time, I’ll make sure that her love for me is unearned, undeserved. Will that make things better? Maybe not; but I’ll try. Try something new. Something. … [Read more...]