“Someone Wants to Steal My Name”* / Memorable Fancies @2424

Why? At first I was astonished: after all, I’m not a household word, nor even an occasionally famous one. My name does not have the mellifluousness appropriate to a household chemical or airliner; indeed, some find it both hard to spell and to say. So why me? Anyway, I hope he has more luck with it than I’ve had! [* title of a book by Henri Michaux] … [Read more...]

“On the Mall” / Memorable Fancies #2423

[“…my proof I was there / will be only words, which no one will believe.” – Wisława Szymborska] I was there when the great man spoke, there on the Mall. From a distance, I could barely make him out, could not hear him. Even though amplified, his words did not reach me. His words did not reach me. Then.   … [Read more...]

“Abraxas” / Memorable Fancies #2422

[“The acephalic god first appeared on a third- or fourth-century Gnostic stone, an abraxas.” – Kathy Acker] An ‘abraxas’ is defined as a stone, etc., carved with the magical word ‘abraxas.’ Apparently, the only purpose of these stones was to display this word and its headless god, and the only purpose of the word was to identify the stones bearing it. How much circular futility do you see in – our world, too? Are we just another abraxas?   … [Read more...]

“Digging” / Memorable Fancies #2421

[“The secret underground apartment complex materializes a very precise ideologico-libidinal fantasy.” – Slavoj Žižek] “Come and see my digs,” she said, winking at me and shifting her hips from side to side. At first I didn’t understand that she meant this – literally. … [Read more...]

“The Renaming” / Memorable Fancies #2420

[“...to receive a new name even as we rename the object.” – Kenneth Gross ] She renamed me. To herself, you know, as a way of knowing me, as she might rename a pet or house plant. But I renamed her too, to myself. One day, we admitted to each other what we’d done. “And what's your name for me?” we both asked, nearly in unison. And we answered, nearly in unison. And then we each turned and left, betrayal in our ears. … [Read more...]

“Sense and Non” / Memorable Fancies #2419

My words want me to complete their non-sense-tences. >> below: A full-length comedy about baseball available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“The Possession” / Memorable Fancies #2418

[“...self-hatred, since the individual seeks to give up possession of himself, but is not fully successful.” – Judith Butler] Take me! I’m mine! … [Read more...]