“The Magic Wedding Ring” / Memorable Fancies #2142

There is a magic wedding ring. The stone shines brighter as the band becomes tighter. Now the stone’s light is so brilliant it’s hard to see anything else. You can’t get it off. … [Read more...]

“Reviews” / Memorable Fancies #2141

[“I am conscious of becoming alien.” Georges Bataille] Things, events I took for granted, now seem strange, perhaps unreal, like a play where I exist only as a minor character, there to comment on the leads but unable to deflect, once again, their repeated fates. And all this drama will happen again the next night … depending on the reviews, I mean. … [Read more...]

“The Disappointment” / Memorable Fancies #2140

[“…the disappointing character of the real…” – Clément Rosset] Look, father said, that’s a balloon! I looked, but so what? Look, mother said, that’s an airplane. It’s taking off! I looked. Can’t we have something else, I asked when I learned to speak, besides the real? Mother and father seemed to be worried by that question, but passed it off as the confusion of youth. But others have not been so ... dismissive. … [Read more...]

“And” / Memorable Fancies #2139

[“It is beautiful to be an ‘and.’” – Maxine Chernoff] It’s beautiful to be an “and,” even though you’re an afterthought to who or what came before you, as thoughts rush on past you toward some other who or what. Being an “and,” is a lot better than being an “or,” all alone, or a “was,” long gone,        Or, especially, a “not.” Just be aware that you could be replaced by an “&” after thought. … [Read more...]

“The Refusal of Perception” / Memorable Fancies #2138

Who’s in charge of my perceptions, anyway? Not you; I never granted you that privilege – especially the privilege of showing me what I don’t want to see! [... after Clément Rosset, Joyful Cruelty] … [Read more...]

“The Names” / Memorable Fancies #2138

 [“When things most fall apart, the names persist.” – Giacomo Leopardi] ...and this we call the Royal Palace; of course there’s nothing left but a few bricks. And over there, there’s the King. He, too, ... [below: about the novel See/Saw]   … [Read more...]

“…” / Memorable Fancies #2137

A: "You have the right to remain silent. Do you understand this right." B: "             " … [Read more...]