“My Image” / Memorable Fancies #2362

I can’t make a mirror show me my image. I’ve bought several, and none of them have done so, in spite of repeated threats. I went to a soothsayer, those women paid to say something that often turns out to be anything but soothing. I told her that I was afraid of becoming a vampire; but she said no, you’re not a vampire, just a nonentity. But be grateful, she concluded, taking my silver coins; you’ll never have to look at yourself, your own self. Many will envy you. … [Read more...]

“Time is Running Out!” / Memorable Fancies #2361

Time is running out. Someone forgot to close the door. Time is running out. Someone forgot to turn off the valve. Time is running out. The level of time is getting dangerously low. Time is running out. Police are in pursuit. >> below:  City Lines is a one-act play available from the publisher, stageplays.com >> … [Read more...]

“My Fiction” / Memorable Fancies #2360

[“I want a different relationship to my stories.” ­- Aisha Sasha John] I want my stories to be about someone else, not about me hidden under all those names, all those brave deeds ... all that guilt. But that would require the effort of understanding ... someone else. … [Read more...]

“Leaving Off the String” / Memorable Fancies #2359

“In cultures where men or women wear only a string around the waist, their dress is decent, but it is indecent to leave off the string.” – William Graham Sumner (1907) … [Read more...]

“The Revelation” / Memorable Fancies #2358

[“…esoteric scribal groups with an interest in assembling all sorts of cosmological lists.” – David Frankfurter] The scribes’ lists were lengthy and detailed. However, they did contain errors. Some of these errors were known, had been introduced by the scribes themselves as evidence of their sincerity. Other errors, however, had crept into the lists accidentally, had not been noticed, had been copied year after year, sometimes adding even more errors. But the Establishment did not care about … [Read more...]

“Her Face” / Memorable Fancies #2357

[“...the compulsive remembrance of all you’ve been through without ever being able to put a name to a face.” – Jean Baudrillard] And she, yes, I loved her then, and perhaps she loved me too. But that was long ago and I’ve forgotten her name. But that’s all right; I’ve forgotten her face, too. … [Read more...]

“ ‘What is the mirror good for?’ ” / Memorable Fancies #2356

You are three-dimensional, but the mirror, two. You are smiling self-consciously, and the mirror shows not you but your hesitation, your artificiality. Then what is the mirror good for? To show what might be behind you, what might be … catching up. … [Read more...]