“Retrieval” / Memorable Fancies #2511

 [“Scene I: Death stampedes through the server-cities.” – Dana Levin] It used to be that data were overwritten at the user’s choice, the old data dying, forever lost from the eyes of the future. But now, nothing is overwritten without having been backed up. Eventually, everything digitally expressible will have been expressed and saved. Input streams, redundant, will close down, leaving only the possibility of salvation, aka retrieval.   >> below: available from Amazon << … [Read more...]

“All Things” / Memorable Fancies #2510

[“God is dead; but given the way of men, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown.” – Nietzsche] In this shrine is the shadow of God. See, there, on that stone wall? But you say it’s just a shape cast by the sacrificial fires. But the priest says no, it is the shape that makes the fire; and It has made all things.          >> below: available on Amazon << … [Read more...]

“The Class of Dreamers” / Memorable Fancies #2508

[“In the late fourth century ... dreamers were categorized according to a traditional hierarchy.” – Jacques Le Goff] First, those who routinely had bad dreams. That was category one. Then those with happy dreams: category two. Three, those who dreamed of God; these people would be honored and placed in precarious positions of great authority. Four, those who refused to reveal their dreams and were led, ashen-faced, to the gallows, or to the altar where they were forced to marry diseased people … [Read more...]

“Everything Happened, Now” / Memorable Fancies #2508

[“…a past that was never present” – David Couzens Hoy] There’s a past that used to be present. We all know that, like the broken leg that hurt so much but now it’s healed and the pain that’s left is only in our minds. And there’s also the past that never was the present, that we’ve built, step by painful step. We remember events in this past we’ve built just as vividly as the past events that used to be present. Or even more, as we celebrate, each year, the anniversary of their invention. … [Read more...]

“Attention !” / Memorable Fancies #2507

“Driving requires my full attention Please do not talk to me While I am driving.” [– a sign in Fairfax Connector buses, Virginia] === ---and signs of me: --- Being me requires my full attention Please do not distract me With talk about Other people. --- Retaining my sanity requires my full attention Please do not distract me With stories of crazy people. It only makes me jealous. --- Maintaining my ego requires my full attention Please do not distract me By saying good … [Read more...]

“Drifting” / Memorable Fancies #2506

[“The bed was like a raft; I felt us drifting” - Louise Glück] We waved at passing ships, but their passengers just stood at the rail, watching us go by, remarking to each other our unseaworthiness. … [Read more...]

“The Arrangement” / Memorable Fancies #2505

[“I rearranged memories” – Anna Mebel] At first, I put the brightest memories on top, showed them to my friends. My dark memories, though, kept intruding, slinking their way into the happy memories, telling me they were ... the same.... … [Read more...]