“Rockicide” / Memorable Fancies #2226

[“A man was struck by a rock he had looked at too long. The rock had not moved. All the local people can bear witness to it.” – Henri Michaux] So the investigation ended inconclusively. The townspeople went home, happy to be rid of you, relieved that no one had to give himself up, be accused, be convicted of your murder at one of those tedious trials. … [Read more...]

“Another New God” / Memorable Fancies #2225

[The new god. “…has no greater wish than to satisfy men.” – Henri Michaux] There is a new god. He is trying to figure out what we want so he can serve us, make us happy. That is what gods do, at least now that genus Homo is in charge of the world. And what we want, the new god has discovered, is struggle, pain. The new god serves us well. Street-corners at night first, then, and in the prisons, on our borders...   … [Read more...]

” ‘But again,…’ ” / Memorable Fancies #2224

When you ask her what the hell she meant by that, all she does is hold a finger to her lips. Angrily, you tell her several things she might have meant by that. But again, a finger… … [Read more...]

Brief Lives of Famous Men #2: Roger Scaggs

Some years ago, I was transferred to the Austin office as a VP and Board member of a firm we had recently acquired a half-interest in. One of the execs I’d be working with was Roger Scaggs. Everybody loved Roger, although he’d been acting strangely the past few months, I was told. Inappropriately informal attire for a VP – to an extent noticed even in Texas – was one concern. The week I arrived, Roger’s wife was murdered, seated at her piano in their home. The shock of this loss was aggravated … [Read more...]

“A Whole Lot of Nothing” / Memorable Fancies #2222

[“Nothing exists just as much as Something” – Democritus, 4th Century BC/BCE] Therefore, if there were no Nothing, everything would be Something … or Something like that … >> below: a tense one-act play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“A Lot of Bad Things” / Memorable Fancies #2221

[“There await men after they are dead, things they do not expect or imagine.” – Heraclitus of Ephesus] Therefore, if you can imagine how you will be after death, then it won’t happen that way. I’m training myself to expect a lot of bad things… … [Read more...]

“The Police Chief Explains” / Memorable Fancies #2220

“What I did was wrong, the actions I took. Yes, I know that. I’m acknowledging my guilt, here in public, because my job is protecting you, our citizens and visitors, from evil-doers, even if the actions I have to take are wrong. Today I am resigning the office of Chief of Police. I hope your next Chief will have the guts also to sacrifice himself for your safety, when and if necessary. If he refuses to do what he needs to do whatever the law says, he’s not worthy of your confidence – and you … [Read more...]