Donald Trump is Just Divine

from a Washington Post email news bulletin, 23 September 2017: “I am extremely disappointed in the statements made by the President last night,” NFLPA President Eric Winston said in a statement. “. . . The divineness we are experiencing in this country has created gridlock in our political system, given voice to extreme, fringe beliefs and paralyzes our progress as a nation. Divisiveness breeds divineness, but NFL players have proven to unify people in our country’s toughest moments, and we … [Read more...]

“The Stone – III” / Memorable Fancies #1973

The stone asks: “Where is the hand that will fling me? Who is my target – this time?” … [Read more...]

“Double or Something” / Memorable Fancies #1972

I thought I’d met my Doppelgänger – identical to me like a twin I never knew I had – but it turned out that he wasn’t my Doppelgänger after all. There was a third ... we were Tripelgänger. … [Read more...]

“A Dream of Thumbs” / Memorable Fancies #1971

[“To dream that you have no thumbs” – “What Your Dreams Mean” by Herbert Hespro, early 20th Century] ... and the other guy dreamed he was all thumbs, having taken several from people like you, in your sleep. That’s why you can’t pick anything up; but neither can he. … [Read more...]

“The Scream” / Memorable Fancies #1970

 [“‘Practice your scream’ I said.” – Jerome Rothenberg] You’ll be needing it, I said. … [Read more...]

“Hitler and Wittgenstein” / Memorable Fancies #1969

In the old archives and now online, there’s a class photo taken in 1904 at the Realschule in Linz. Adolf Hitler is seated in one row, Ludwig Wittgenstein in the row below and to Hitler’s right. Between them there is another student, a good-looking young man with a small chin and pale face. Let’s consider that “other student,” the one who sat between the future ruler of Europe and the man who would revolutionize modern thought. Let’s call him “Hans Zwischen” as a tribute to his not-here … [Read more...]

“Self-Made” / Memorable Fancies #1968

[“manufacturing our private selves...” – Susan Sontag] There’s a self-factory over in the industrial park. You can have a new self made for you there, built out of parts (all organic!). For an extra fee, the factory will recycle your old self, pass it off to others as – their own new self. <below: the cover of Love Fear Sofa - a new book of poems available on Amazon> … [Read more...]