“Useless” / Memorable Fancies #2484

In the old days our machines, now useless no matter how faithfully they had served us, were junked, thrown out, or cruelly left in place to rust. But now, in our more-enlightened days, we place them in museums. And their workers too, now useless... … [Read more...]

“Safely Graze” / Memorable Fancies #2483

[“Black sheep were sacrificed to the god Dis, and those who performed the sacrifice averted their faces.” – Dictionary of Roman Religion] The sheep are trying to figure out why some are chosen each day, and others herded back to their pens, still alive. Could it be height, ability to bleat, beauty of their coats? There must be some reason why some die and the rest are once more fed. Aab says that there’s no reason; it’s just random. Others bleat about predestination. Here they come. Aab … [Read more...]

“Selfselfselfse…” / Memorable Fancies #2482

[“When the mirrors break, to see is to become.” – Kathy Acker] There are a thousand shards, now, each reflecting ... me, one for each self I have tried to become. … [Read more...]

“Too Loud” / Memorable Fancies #2481

[“Yesterday / I stood in a crowded street that was live with people, / and no one spoke a word,” – Muriel Rukeyser] I thought there might have been some awful disaster and they were too shocked to speak, as after JFK’s assassination or 9/11. Or perhaps they were speaking all this time, and I had suddenly gone deaf. Or perhaps the world’s physics had changed and sound was no longer carried through the air. But then I saw the buds in everyone’s ear, and realized that no one would speak … [Read more...]

“Our Sports Heroes Speak” / Memorable Fancies #2480

[“At first they spoke, but their / face was without expression.” – Popul Vuh] We have taught our interviewed sports-heroes to speak in a droning monotone, just the way we’d taught our robots to speak. Most people think it happened the other way around. … [Read more...]

“His Statue” / Memorable Fancies #2479

[“For the first time, it occurred to someone to carve a man from a block of stone.” – Sartre] The first statue of a man reflected his stony silence, his cold hardness, his inability to listen, his solidity and stolidity, the weight of his curse. This statue was, of course, carved by a woman. But it was attributed to a man. Who would buy a carving done by a woman?     … [Read more...]

“His Reward” / Memorable Fancies #2464

[“Xerxes..., given to all human voluptuousness, proposed rewards for those that should devise such as he had never heard of.” – Montaigne] They came to the king one by one, each describing events more voluptuous than the one before. But one by one they failed to excite him, arouse him. So he had them beheaded, one by one. That, he got off on. … [Read more...]