“A Challenge” / Memorable Fancies #680

The temple image speaks: I am not a representation of the god, I am the god. If not me, then where is the god? Let it for once show itself!  [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Never Happened” / Memorable Fancies #673

Why do we sometimes remember events that never happened? This puts the whole concept of “happened” into question, doesn’t it? Why do we remember our shameful defeats that surely never happened? Must not have happened. Couldn’t have happened. – Could they? [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Skeleton of the Possible” / Memorable Fancies #1610

[“The skeleton of the possible / in a heap and covered with / stones...” – J.H. Prynne] I remember the possible, how bright it seemed, how – probable, even, with enough time and effort. But the possible had its chance, dimmed, didn’t happen. There it was, abandoned and forgotten. Just bones. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Explorers” / Memorable Fancies #679

In the newly discovered land there was a pier that reached out into the sea and disappeared over the horizon. We tried to imagine where such a pier might go. At first, our explorers walked out on it, but ran short of food and water after a few days with still no end in sight. They turned back. Then we developed a plan: one team walked out on the pier, carrying twice the amount of food and water they needed for a round trip. When they exhausted a quarter of their ration, they left half the … [Read more...]

“The Last Roman” / Memorable Fancies #1609

You spent a lot of money on that time-travel ticket to ancient Rome, but you thought it would be worth it – you’d be one of the few people who could honestly say they’d been there, seen debates in the Senate, perhaps the Emperor himself. You’d have been, among all your friends back in 2016, the only Roman. All you’d need to return to the present, the travel agent said, was to go to the temple of Janus, find a certain stone in the east wall, and press a hidden button. But you did become a … [Read more...]

“Indecision” / Memorable Fancies #678

What should I do today as the leader of our people? It’s not always easy to tell, seeing five sides of every question as I do. One day, it’s peace; another day, war or wary alertness. Or a firm hand is needed one day, letting the people do as they please the next. My ministers are no help: whatever I say, they move their heads up and down, never a discouraging word. I had bobble-heads made of them, presented each to its minister. None of them understood what I was saying with these … [Read more...]

“The Dancers” / Memorable Fancy #1608

A glass dance floor, 26 storeys above the lobby of the sparkling new hotel. Many of those here tonight are hesitant to step on it; a few refuse outright. But you’re brave, and anyway the hotel wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen to its guests, would it? Think about the lawsuits! A waltz gives way to a polka, and then a stomp dance. The glass quivers. You look down. Are those cracks, or just scratches? They sparkle as they spread from dancer to dancer. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be … [Read more...]


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